Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sometimes Nothing is a Real Cool Hand

Two years out of my last job and I'm sitting like a bump on a pickle looking for work and placing ads for one of my many talents: copyeditor/writer/proofreader/resume writer. So what happened? Nothing. Not even a hint of a job has come along. Now I stare into space on my lockdown couch rueing the day I considered leaving the corporate world.

But, as Cool Hand Luke said, "Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand." And I'd have to agree.

I started writing the day after I left my palacial office on the top floor overlooking the Atlantic ocean and just as quickly stopped writing. But here it is: writing is a dismal occupation for someone who likes to be around people and not pent up in a 450 square foot 1959 renovated motel room with kitchenette. It is quiet. And the kitchenette isn't too far and the dog comes in for entertainment to let me know she wants to play, bringing me all her toys, jumping around my chair in an effort to let me know she really, really wants to play.

I write four books in two years, upload one to sell and edit the next for it's arrival onto Amazon. I begin copyediting, but that too dries up. With more sitting and dreaming up new avenues of work, I contemplate seeking a therapist to answer two questions. Why can't I find work? And what's next?

I get a nudge from the Universe when a friend who has twelve intriguing businesses she loves doing calls to let me know about a website that might help. It's called and I'm on it like white on rice. So what is that? You post your service and fill in the questions about yourself and why you love doing your specific craft and what your pricing looks like. And folks who come looking for a writer or editor or proofreader see you and your gold medallion and you're back in business. Sweet!

So this is how it looks today. Cool Hand Luke was right, sometimes it's a really good idea to sit and do nothing allowing the Universe to gently, softly, sweetly lower an idea you may not have thought of.

I did grab the opportunity to sign on and tell the world at length about my editing and wordsmithing prowess. Check it out. It might just be the exact thing you've been looking for. No more scams on craigslist. No more sitting for hours on end. Let the folks looking for your specific talents find you. It's a real cool hand!