Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission Statement

I want beauty to fill my life. I want to savor warm and loving friendships full of happy laughter. I want to go to the beach and collect shells and bask in the warm salt water unafraid of sun damage or sharks. I want to live unafraid.
I want to capture each moment I live consciously and wrap my heart around those I love. I want to eat a lot of good seafood and fresh vegetables and make my own meals. I want to surround myself with beautiful art and literature, books of design, architecture and nature. And I want to have a great camera to photograph nature.
I long to perfect my humanness and my life in a way that pleases me. I want to stand in the middle of the stream of consciousness and be alert to all that is beautiful. I want life to be the draft that intoxicates my mind and heart. I want to embrace change more than I want to stay the same. I want music, a husband, rest, art, film, friendships, knowledge, love, serenity and peace to populate my life and I want lots and lots of money.

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